Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fried Frog Legs

Oh, stop that. They're not gross. Yes, they look a little funny. No, they don't taste like chicken. And they don't taste like fish. They taste like meat.

Please excuse the blurry spot on the left pair of legs. I found out after I took it that my lens had a smudge :)

I used this recipe from The recipe calls for milk, but never says what to do with it, so I soaked the legs in it for about 30 minutes, before proceeding with the flour-egg wash-flour coating. Fry up in canola oil, et voila.

The legs were good, but the roasted garlic sauce that went with them? Oh. My. God. I'm glad I made the legs, but most likely won't do it again. The sauce, however - you braise garlic in a mix of beef and seafood stock, squish the soft garlic into the broth, add some lemon juice, blitz in a blender or processor. Bring back up to a simmer, and whisk in cold butter and a shot of cayenne. I'd eat styrofoam dipped in this sauce.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crispy Fried Pig's Tails

Yes, I said pig's tails. And why not? There's skin, meat, fat, and other stuff, just like on every other part of the pig. And isn't it just awesome that the front-most piece in the picture kind of looks like a dolphin?

I followed the recipe from the Nasty Bits section of Serious Eats. Basically, you deep fry the tails for 4 minutes first, then braise them in water with onion, garlic, soy sauce, wine and salt for an hour. Then you very thoroughly dry off the tails. If you have leftover stock sticking to them...well...let's just say you don't want that.

Roll the tail pieces in flour, then carefully deep fry for about 3 minutes. Make sure you have a pot lid in your other hand to use as a shield.

The recipe said to dress them with a mix of soy sauce and vinegar, but I served them with a delicious mustard sauce that I whipped up, and unfortunately forgot to write down not only the proportions, but the ingredients.

So was it worth it? Hell, yes. Crispy outside, tender inside, the right proportion of meat:skin:fat. Absolutely delicious. I'm going to try it with trotters next.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Pictures and recipe courtesy of my parents. My comments are in italics.

Meat Stuffing (for about 15 flowers):
Mix 1 lb ground beef, ~1 teaspoon salt, ~2 teaspoons pepper, ~1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 beaten egg.

Remove sex organs from the flowers. I disagree, I think they add flavor. Also remove the 5 little spiky green things on the outside of the flower base, but keep the green cup where the stem attaches. Again, I disagree, leave the spiky things. If there is a little zucchini at the base, that's ok. Soak and clean in cold water for 5 minutes.
Remove flowers from water, shaking off the water. Stuff with a plug of meat stuffing. Close flower around meat. If it can't close, you're using to much stuffing.

Dredge each meat/flower package in flour,
then beaten egg (or Egg Beaters),
and then seasoned bread crumbs.
Fry in about 3/8" of canola oil (or whatever oil you like), until nicely browned on all sides, usually 5-10 minutes. They can also be deep fried.
I grew up eating these every summer. Haven't had them in about 15 years now, and I can still remember exactly how they taste. If you're lucky enough to have zucchini (or any squash) flowers, make these!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Quotes from the WIP Household - Part VII


This was the funniest thing ever. There's funny, there's uber-funny, there's pee-my-pants-funny...and then there was this.

(Funniest thing about it? She couldn't tell us because of a promise to her sister.)


Destroying my neurons never felt so good.


Vampires only want me for my body, zombies want me for my mind.


F&(king frog legs in my f&(king refrigerator.


I'll punch you in the puffy side of your face.