Friday, March 30, 2012

Pork Tenderloin on Spinach with Potatoes

Do you like pork? Of course you do, that's why we're friends. I'll bet you also like crispy potatoes. I knew it.

Mince up some garlic, and rub it all over your tenderloin, along with salt and pepper. Throw it in the oven until it's done. Meanwhile, cut small potatoes in half, and cook them slowly in a cast iron skillet with olive oil, salt and pepper. Shake and flip for even browning.

When the tenderloin's done (internal temperature of 145 if you listen to the government), remove it to a plate and tent with foil. To the roasting pan, add a cup of stock (I used chicken) with about a teaspoon of cornstarch mixed in. Boil on the stovetop until reduced and nicely thickened. Note: Be careful about adding cold liquid to the hot roasting pan. You might end up with a cracked Le Creuset casserole. Not that I'd know for sure. *cough cough*

Slice the pork, and lay the slices on top of some spinach. Put some potatoes on the plate. Spoon the sauce over everything. Enjoy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Quotes from the WIP Household, Part XXIX


You didn't suck for a minute. That was cool.


I wish Jesus came scented.


You're a gold medal winner in the vibrator Olympics.


There's nothing more hilarious than a fat guy in a kayak.


I would punch myself in the Fallopian tube if I knew I was having triplets.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretzel Dogs

The other day, husband wanted pretzels. While at the store to buy yeast, I walked past the Nathan's hot dogs, and thought...pretzel dogs!

Make your pretzel dough. I like Grant Achatz's recipe. Cut the dough in pieces, stretch each piece and flatten to about 1/4" thick and 3/4" wide. Wrap around the hot dog. Let rise while the oven pre-heats to 450. Do the baking soda bath, brush with egg, sprinkle with salt, bake until browned.

These were slightly greasy, which can be solved by removing the hot dog, squeezing out the grease, and putting back in the pretzel. But that's a bit weird. Next time I might try poking and par-boiling the hot dogs first.