Monday, September 13, 2010

Wasabi Sushi, Vista CA

I don't do restaurant reviews very often, but for Wasabi Sushi, I feel I must.

The owner and sushi chef is Andy, a very likable and friendly guy. His wife Sarah waits tables. There are about 8 tables, the sushi bar seats about 8-10, and they've got a big screen TV tuned to the hottest sporting event.

But, on to the food.

First, the 911 Roll. I think you can see why.

Next up, the Ceviche Tostada.

Here we have an eel hand roll. Best I've ever had. Andy also makes a mean salmon skin roll.

Toro. Like butta.

Sawagani, little river crabs, quickly fried and served with a ponzu-soy sauce. Crunchy little bugs. Better than popcorn.

My husband had a live octopus one time. I've seen the video, and would post it, but you don't need to hear the drunken audio that accompanies it. So until I find a way to post video while killing the audio, you'll just have to imagine pieces of just-chopped octopus crawling around on a plate.

Aside from all the awesome sushi (OMG, try the white tuna!), they also have the typical teriyaki plate offerings, as well as an awesome clam miso soup, and an udon soup that looks delicious but that I have yet to try.

Wasabi Sushi
1688 Melrose Drive, Ste. 212
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 727-8090


A Tuscan foodie in America said...

that tuna looks GOOD.

What did your husband think of the alive octopus? I had it once, but I do prefer it dead.

Vicki said...

I think he prefers it dead also. But he couldn't pass up the opportunity.

caninecologne said...

hi vicki - so those little fried crabs, just how crunchy are those things? is the shell really hard?

Vicki said...

Hey CC - They're pretty crunchy. Think the half-popped kernels in a bag of popcorn. And be careful of the claws, they like to grab onto your lips :)