Thursday, September 17, 2009


Youngest wanted yakisoba. I had never made it before, so I did a quick search, and found that the big bottle of Bulldog sauce in my fridge would work perfectly.

I cooked the soba noodles that I just purchased 48 hours ago (hint, foreshadowing), then rinsed them in cold water.

I stir-fried up some chicken, removed it to a plate, then stir-fried chopped bok choy stems, minced garlic and ginger, followed by some absolutely gorgeous brown beech mushrooms, and finally the bok choy leaves. Isn't it pretty?

The mushrooms were as local as you can get, grown right here in San Marcos at the Hokto Kinoko facility. Check out their cool shrooms! They're seriously delicious.

To assemble, I heated up a little more oil really hot. Added the wet noodles, a bunch of Bulldog sauce, a little soy sauce, and (of course) some Sriracha. Stir and toss, stir and toss. I was aiming for a little crispiness to the noodles, like you get with fried rice. (Unfortunately, that wasn't happening.) I added back the chicken and vegetables, along with a handful of bean sprouts. More stirring and tossing until everything was heated through.

Topped with sliced pickled ginger and chopped up nori. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to chop up nori? Even my ceramic knife had problems.)

Youngest said it was good, she plans on bringing the leftovers to school for lunch, her only complaint was that the noodles broke easily and she couldn't use chopsticks. I thought there was something off about the noodles as well, not just the breakiness, but also in their flavor. Hubby was super-impressed with the dish (he especially loved the mushrooms)....except for the noodles.

Maybe they were old? You'd think not, since I just purchased them (but dummy me didn't check for an expiration date). Maybe they were inferior? Don't think so, I picked the mid-price-range ones from Marukai market.

This was one of those happy-sad dinners - happy that I was able to cook something so delicious, but sad that it was tainted by crappy noodles. I'm definitely going to try again, I think with udon, but Hubby says I should just cook the chicken/veggies/sauce and put it over rice. We'll see.


"Prof. Kitty" said...

Well it LOOKS fabulous, noodles & all! Thanks for this recipe, I was just eyeing some beech mushrooms at the store, now I know what to do with them.

For cutting nori, I use my beloved kitchen shears. Works OK!

Vicki said...

Hi Prof Kitty - I can't wait to play around with those mushrooms some more. Thanks for the scissors tip, I didn't think of that!

Bob said...

It does look good, even though I'm not a mushroom fan. I don't know anything about soba, unfortunately. Except that I want to get some. Heh.

Vicki said...

Hey Bob -
I'm thinking of swapping out the mushrooms for water chestnuts to give it a little more crunch.

lettergirl said...

It looks absolutely delicious! I'm totally hungry now.

Vicki said...

Hi lettergirl - Thanks!