Sunday, November 15, 2009

Roasted Marrow Bones a la Fergus Henderson

I'm sure you've seen Fergus Henderson's roasted marrow bones all over the interwebs these days. Heck, you can't throw a dead cow without hitting a blog post raving about them. I had to do it.

First off, I don't remember where I read about soaking the bones in brine for 24 hours, but I'm glad I did. Every other time I've had bone marrow (in dishes like braised beef shanks), it's been an unappetizing gray. I was assured that the brining, where you change the water a bunch of times over 24 hours, will leech all the blood out of the marrow, leaving you with a nice yellow color.  Definitely worth it, as this dish really needs help in the visual appeal department. It is, after all, the gooey gloppy insides of bones mashed onto toast.

Second, make sure you have some good crunchy salt. And good bread.

Lastly, I left the capers out of the parsley salad because my refrigerator mysteriously ate my jar, and I don't think I really missed them.

Rich, fatty and beefy on a vehicle of hearty and crunchy, topped with green and tangy. Amazing. Definitely not something to have every day (or every month for that matter). But you have to try it at least once.


we are never full said...

very nice indeed. i loved how you linked to all 1000 of us who've posted about this beauty of a dish!!

Vicki said...

Hey WANF - Dammit. Now you've made me want to go count the words in my post and try to link to 1000. I'm such an OCD dork.

Anonymous said...

omg bone marrow <333

Vicki said...

Hi misstiffie - I agree :)

Ji said...

my mouth starts to go watery.