Friday, November 18, 2011

SD Street Eats Food Truck

Next up in my food truck adventures is SD Street Eats. This was actually the first truck we visited, and the one that inspired us to try others. Seared ahi and braised short ribs off a truck? I was skeptical at first, since I'm used to "roach coaches", but these guys changed my mind.

Here's the ahi. Perfect.

And here's the Asian-braised short ribs. Tender and saucy.

The slaw that came with both dishes was super-spicy with wasabi. It made my nose run and my throat burn, and I loved it. And look, wood sporks!

Their menu changes pretty frequently. Currently they're offering smoked bacon mac & cheese and a Brandt burger. As soon as they're back in my area for lunch, I'm there!

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