Monday, September 3, 2007

Post #19 - Battered Fried Serranos

Too many serranos in my garden.

Cut them in half and seed them. Mix a batter of AP flour and rice flour (2:1), salt and Tecate. Batter-dip, and fry in hot canola oil.

Dip in something sweet. I used Cahill Red Chili Jelly (made in AZ, purchased in San Juan Capistrano).

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zlamushka said...

Wow, you just tickled my stomach with these. I want one... can I ?

Please excuse my self-promotion, but I also made mine ( stuffed with various spices and then deep fried in bee-battered tempura. Holy crap were they tasty...

I wanted to thank you for such a nice comment on my site, I like when people contribute knowledge, there is so much out there I want too learn about food...