Friday, April 3, 2009

Non-Food Post - Growth

I know I live in southern California, but isn't this just a little ridiculous for April 3rd?

Orange tree:

Fig tree:

Peach tree:

I don't know what these are, they're growing through from the neighbor's yard:

And speaking of ridiculous - Youngest's attire:


Bob said...

Heh, we haven't gotten any growth up in Boston yet. If I had a garden I would be much more jealous.

As for your kids clothes... well, make sure you keep that picture. For blackmail. ;)

Kitt said...

Nice! I'm ready to get growing here. Well, we've been doing a little of that, but more snow is on the way.

The white flowers are jasmine, yes?

I applaud your fashion-forward offspring.

Betts said...

We still have patches of snow and the leaf buds haven't opened. I'm officially jealous.

Vicki said...

Hey Bob - It's already been backed up in a secure location :)

Hi Kitt - Perhaps jasmine, I'm not up on my CA flora. Fashion-forward? I think fashion-every-direction-at-once.

Hi Betts - I'm jealous that you have snow. I only get to see it about once a year, if that.