Monday, April 27, 2009

Non-Food Post - Vegas and other things

Yes, I've been absent for a while. Things have been happening.

My best friend's cancer came back. It's rare, they don't know how to treat it. Surgery and chemo aren't options currently. They're going to try steroids. Thank God it seems to be non-aggressive (for now).

Hubby's brother got married in Vegas over the weekend. A good time was had by all. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. So no pics of the frivolity.

And, since I hate posting without a picture, here's my tan line. I swear I haven't been this dark in 20 years.


melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear that about your best friend. I'll keep you and her in my thoughts.

Vicki said...

Thanks Melissa, that means a lot :)

Passionate Eater said...

My positive wishes go out to your friend. I hope that the cancer goes into remission.

Vicki said...

Hi PE - Thanks much, I'll pass it on to her.