Monday, October 29, 2007

Post #32 - Butter Chicken

A while back we were in Monrovia CA, and stopped at Dogwoods. I love that place. Beautiful fruits & veggies, much cheaper than any grocery store. They've got produce I have a hard time getting here, like fresh fava beans, Persian cucumbers. And their canned/packaged stuff - imported from all over the world. I picked up a package of Israeli couscous and a jar of pickled turnips, in addition to tons of produce. They also have an "Indian" section of spices, spice blends, etc. I was kind of overwhelmed, and I settled on this spice blend for butter chicken.

The instructions on the back are a little vague - "Marinate chicken for 30 minutes." Marinate in what? "Add water." How much? Oh well. So I dutifully mashed up my tomatoes and onions, cut up my chicken, and pulverized cashews. Cooked the chicken with the tomatoes & onion for about 10 minutes, added the cashews, spice blend, and a little water, cooked for about 15 minutes more.

OMG this stuff is HOTHOTHOT! (That's not to say I didn't like it, I like it very much, thank you.) I'm seriously thinking about cooking up another chicken breast and adding it to what's left to cut down on the heat.

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