Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green Bean Bhajis

I had a pack of young thin green beans in my freezer, courtesy of my MIL. What to do? Make bhajis. I had only ever had onion bhajis before, and loved them. So why not with green beans?

I used this recipe from The Crispy Cook, omitting the cilantro ('cause I didn't have any), and reducing the cumin, because Hubby claims to hate it. I also ground the cumin seeds instead of leaving them whole, because I don't like biting into pungent seeds.

Baked, these didn't turn out so well. The chickpea batter wasn't cooked in the middle, and the whole thing was kind of soggy. (Maybe if I increased the oven heat to 400, I'd feel differently.) But when I heated some oil in the skillet and fried them, my opinion changed. Crispy, crunchy, yumminess. Yes, yumminess is now a word.


Nick said...

Never heard of em, but I like it. Hate cumin? That's a thing you can hate?

Vicki said...

Hey Nick - He hates thyme and rosemary too. Go figure.