Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pecan Pie

I received a free sample of whole pecans from The Green Valley Pecan Company a little while back, and decided to make a pecan pie.

Why pecan pie? Because I wanted to be able to really taste the pecans, but can't eat them uncooked. Itchy mouth and swollen throat isn't fun. Banana nut bread would've been good, but do you really taste the pecans? Pecan pie it was, then.

I used the recipe on the bag of pecans, which seems very similar to every other pecan pie recipe out there. It seemed rather gloopy, so I threw in a handful more nuts for good measure. When it came out of the oven, I let it cool until it was almost room temperature, the cut a slice. Runny still. WTF? Is it supposed to be like that? So I threw it back in the oven for a little longer, thinking that I could bake out some of the moisture. It worked, a little, but it was still liquidy.

But that didn't stop everybody at work from devouring it, gloopy or not. It was pretty tasty, and extremely sweet, which I think is the point of pecan pie.

With the partial bag I have left, I think I'm going to make some sort of spiced nuts, the kind that you fold into beaten egg whites, add spices, and bake. That's always good.

So are the nuts worth the price? Well, they're $4 for a 1/2lb bag, which looks to be in the mid-range of other online pecan stores. Would I buy them? Probably not, I'd just pick up the bag with the quadrilateral logo at the market (whose price I don't know). The Green Valley ones were slightly fresher tasting, however. If you're really into your nuts (heh), give these a shot.

Green Valley also sells a variety of other products - jellies, mustards, honeys, syrups, breads, cookies, soups, etc. Quite a collection, wish I had the capital to invest.


Bob said...

I've never had pecan pie. I bet I'd like it though, it sure looks good. I still have some of the nuts they sent me a while ago, I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them.

Vicki said...

Hey Bob - This was my 1st and probably last time having pecan pie, just too sweet for me. For the remainder, crush them and coat a piece of fish?

Sara said...

This looks great!

I sometimes make tea time tassies which are similar little tarts made with walnuts.

Vicki said...

Hey Sara - Thanks! Little tarts sound good, I think a higher crust:filling ratio would temper the sweetness.