Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Quotes from the WIP Household, Part V

I like walking around having music coming out of my butt.


Hubby: You're right, making an appointment was smart.
Me: Told you.
Youngest (to Hubby): Why didn't you make an appointment before?
Me: Mexicans don't make appointments.
Hubby: How did you know?
Me: Because I've been with you for 11 years.
Hubby: You've been with me for 11 years?
Youngest: Why do you think she takes so much medication?


Why is it that every time I look at the table there's a bag of carrots?


The gravy is just like Jesus.


<Al Green's Let's Stay Together comes on the radio>
Youngest: Don't change it. I'll kill you.
(This made me so proud.)


doggybloggy said...

these crack me up - and I like pigs ears!

Bob said...

Heh, awesome. The second is my favorite, if you replace "Mexican" with an algebraic X it would be applicable to so many relationships. :D

Vicki said...

Hey db - Glad I could provide some entertainment :)

Hi Bob - Only you would say "algebraic X" on my blog, and I love you for it :)