Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shrimp Salad for Cooking to Combat Cancer 4

I made this salad a while back, took a photo, and promptly forgot about it. But then Chris from Mele Cotte reminded us that she's hosting Cooking to Combat Cancer, in it's 4th year.

I figured that this was a healthy salad, but after doing a little research, I realized I need to make this more often!

Since it's a salad, there's not much of a recipe, just slice, chop, cook the shrimp (seasoned with tons of garlic, paprika and salt), make the dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic if you wish, salt & pepper), and toss everything together. Since there's no recipe per se, instead you'll get a breakdown of why this salad is a cancer-fighting bowl of delicious:

Lettuce - The darker the better for cancer-fighting properties, but even romaine has health benefits.
Shrimp - High in selenium, a trace mineral helpful in keeping prostate cancer away. Shrimp are good for you in other ways, too.
Tomatoes - One of the best sources of lycopene, a cancer-fighting carotene.
Fennel (bulb and fronds) - Contains anethole, a powerful antioxidant.
Radish - Contains lots of vitamin C, folic acid and anthocyanins.
Balsamic vinegar - Lots of antioxidants, including quercetin.
Olive oil - Fights colon and breast cancer.
Garlic - It's an allium, therefore it's good.

The only component of this salad that isn't cancer-fighting is the feta I crumbled on top. But with all the other healthy goodies, I feel no guilt.

So, have this salad with a glass of red wine (another cancer combatant), and you'll be doing yourself a favor.


Chris said...

This salad looks Delicious!!!! And, thanks for all the good info! Esp. Shrimp - because its high in Cholesterol, its nice to know the little guys have good qualities. ;)

Thanks so so much for participating!!!!

Tanya said...

ious - shrimp is also pretty low cal so you can have heaps of this :-)

Vicki said...

Hey Chris - Delicious little water bugs, aren't they? Thanks for hosting!

Hi Tanya - Exactly ;)

caninecologne said...

hi vicky - great recipe, except i would pass on the feta cheese (since i don't like it)! :)

i need to eat healthier too!

Vicki said...

Hey CC - This salad makes it easy to eat healthy, especially if you don't add the feta :)