Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pulled Pork Chilquiles

OK, I've done tacos and BBQ sandwiches, and I still have pulled pork left. Now what?


I fried up some corn tortillas into chips, then sauced the pork with the same chile sauce from the tacos, but added a little water. Heated a skillet on high with a slick of oil, dumped in the pork, stirred, then added the chips. Continued stirring and flipping until the chips softened (but not too soft, that's gross) and the sauce thickened, then threw in some cotija cheese. Dish out, top with cilantro.

You could also do this with a green chile sauce, either one works. What doesn't work is reheating the leftovers. Floppy chips are not cool.

And with that, I think I need to go vegetarian for a while.

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Tuscan foodie in America said...

I LOVE chilaquiles!

Vicki said...

Hi TFIA - Can you believe I never had chilaquiles until about 5 years ago? That's 30 years of missing out on some great stuff!

Tuscan foodie in America said...

well, you still started sooner than me: I had them for the first time in my life this year...That makes 36 years without that stuff.

Stash said...

Chilaquiles?! You stole my bit =P

Digging the pork addition.

Vicki said...

Hey Stash - Yours look better. Does that help? :) I've only ever made chilaquiles with leftover pork. Can't really see doing otherwise now...