Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kaito Sushi in Encinitas

It's been a while since I've done a restaurant post, and what better way to bring it back than with Kaito Sushi in Encinitas? We've been there three times, and each time, we sat at the bar, and didn't order anything, just let the itamae (sushi chef) serve us what he thought was best. This is Edo-style sushi, ie. the real deal.

I'm going to (mostly) shut up and let the pictures do the talking:

Raw scallop, cooked scallop:


Ono "carpaccio":

Eel tempura with fried eel spine: (I could eat fried eel spines like popcorn.)



Needlefish: (Completely unknown texture to me - crunchy, almost. Amazing.)

Tuna with garlic oil:

Fried oyster:



Unknown fish topped with grated rock salt: (I want that salt!)



Anago (salt-water eel):

Spanish mackerel:

Spanish mackerel skeleton, fried:

Fried smelt with shisito peppers and butternut squash:

Giant clam:

Baby octopus:

These guys know their sushi. It is hands-down the best I've had in San Diego. If you're in the area, please go, you won't be disappointed. (And you can follow them on Twitter for daily updates on their offerings.)

Kaito Sushi
130-A N. El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 634-2746


kirbie said...

*Happy Sigh* I love this place! Need to return soon.

Vicki said...

Hey Kirbie - I'm addicted! Every dish we've ever had has been delicious.

caninecologne said...

very nice photos vicki! looks like you had a delicious meal there!

Vicki said...

Hi cc - Something about the lighting there makes photos turn out good. Everything was delicious!