Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Post #37 - Turkey!

We rarely eat turkey. And by rarely, I mean about once a year (but for 4 days straight). Maybe some ground turkey mixed up in something about 6 months later...

This year, the kids are elsewhere, and we're spending the day with friends, so I cooked my turkey on Wednesday.

I watched a couple videos on how to carve a turkey the butcher's way. This is so much better than carving at the table. Look at the coherent chunks!

Everything came apart so easily and completely, without the typical plateful of shreds, and I'm not left with a carcass that sits in the fridge for days while the household vultures slowly and messily devour the edible bits.

(The questionably-edible bits go to the resident animals.)

My formerly-feathered-friend's skeleton (now broken into bits) is going to turn into Ruhlman's turkey stock, that bakes in the oven for hours instead of boiling on the stovetop. At his suggestion, I'm thinking risotto. With turkey. And the next day, vegetable soup with dumplings. And turkey. And then probably a stuffing & turkey hash, with eggs baked on top. Mmmm...


SteamyKitchen said...

what a great idea...turkey stock in oven...risotto....but that is ONLY if you have leftover turkey carcass...which is totally impossible if you are going to sister in laws and she wants to hve a take out "Boston Market THanksgiving"

and no, I'm not kidding.

a little bitter? yeah, esp since I can't blog about it (she reads my blog.


Vicki said...

Boston Market? Oh, Jaden, I'm sorry.