Thursday, December 13, 2007

Post #47 - Bourdain Returns to the Food Network? What the @&$%*(!

I just read this, and I'm not sure I can believe it.

After all the things he's said about the network and the chefs?


Update 12/15/07:
Apparently in my shock, I missed the part about how they're airing the original episodes (thanks Jo). So does that mean that Food Network owns the sole rights to the show and knows that by airing the episodes, they'll get people to come back? Or that Bourdain owns at least part of the show, and let the Network re-air for a certain price? I wonder how many of the 7 deadly sins are represented by this whole story...


SteamyKitchen said...

no way! well, i just lost $10 on my bet that i made a year ago.

Jo said...

I'm guessing that because these are older episodes, Food Network owns them (or bought them in syndication) so they can show them without Bourdain having anything to do with it.
They know it will attract the audience (Bourdain lovers) that normally would not tune in. Sadly they should also know that Bourdain is the only thing they will stay for.