Sunday, December 30, 2007

Post #54 - Spicy Green Chutney

I came across this recipe on Culinate for cilantro chutney. Sounded good, so I decided to give it a go. I left out the mint and upped the cilantro, because I think mint is unnecessary in food.

I had a little trouble, however. My mini-food-processor apparently couldn't handle it, and the motor burned up. So I tried the blender. That didn't work either, I think the volume was too small. Mortar & pestle? Nope. Endless chopping and smooshing? Closer. I ended up using my metal meat tenderizer - you know, flat on one end and spiky-pointy on the other. Very good for mutilating vegetable matter.

But because of all that, I wasn't able to get the recommended puree. (Hint to husband: a wet grinder would be nice.)

Here's the Culinate picture:

And here's mine:

Lack of puree notwithstanding, the flavor is incredible. Scooped on a tortilla chip like salsa - yum. Stirred into pinto beans from El Pollo Loco - amazing. It would probably be really good on top of fish, and I'm thinking that I could up the coconut content and use it to coat shrimp before pan-frying. Oh the possibilities...

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