Monday, March 24, 2008

Post #100 - Hot Wing Sandwich

I don't do hot wings very often. But when I do, they're from Wings 'N Things. And they're not really wings, they're the Boneless Chicken Strips. They offer mild, medium, hot, and extra hot. I like hot, my husband likes medium. I've never had the extra hot - I'm sure I can handle it, but at the same time, I'm sure it would be extremely uncomfortable.

Note - the sauce uses what hubby calls "white people chilies". For some reason, he can eat serranos or those hot yellow ones with no problem, but give him a vinegary cayenne sauce, and he's burning for hours.

Anyhow, if you go to Wings 'N Things, order some chicken strips, celery/carrot and blue cheese, and some garlic breadsticks, and bring them home. Also make sure you have some cilantro and some kind of cucumber or pickle on hand (but go easy on the hot pickle because of the sauce).

Now, to make your sandwich, kind of a bastardized banh mi:

Slice open your breadsticks. (I scoop out some of the bread in the middle. Carbs are bad, y'know.) Slice the carrots and celery lengthwise, kind of julienned. Into the bread, layer in your chicken, celery, carrot, cilantro, cucumber/pickle, and blue cheese dressing.

Damn, that's good.

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