Monday, March 17, 2008

Post #97 - Poetry

This is the most beautiful poem I've ever read. It was written in English (of the 13th century), mixed with Latin.

Of on that is so fayr and briht
Velud maris stella,
Brihter than the dayis liht,
Parens et puella,
Ic crie to the, thous se to me,
Leuedy, preye thi sone for me
Tam pia,
That ic mote come to the,

Leuedi, flour of alle thing,
Rosa sine spina,
Thou bere Ihesu, heuene king,
Gratia diuina.
Of alle thou berst the pris,
Leuedi, quene of parays
Mayde milde moder es

Al this world was forlore,
Eua peccatrice,
Tyl our lord was ybore
De te genitrice.
With aue it went away
Thuster nyth and comet the day
The welle springet hut of the

Wel he wot he is thi sone
Ventre quem portasti;
H wyl nout werne the thi bone
Paruum quem lactasti.
So hende and so god he his,
He hauet brout ous to blis
That hauet hidut the foule put

Of kare conseil thou ert best,
Felix fecundata;
Of alle wery thou ert rest,
Mater honorata.
Bisek him wit milde mod
That for ous alle sad is blod
In cruce,
That we moten komen til him
In luce.

Explicit cantus iste.

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