Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Super Q Food Truck

It seems that food trucks are all the rage lately, doesn't it? I'm not talking about what we here in southern CA call "roach coaches", providing questionable "Mexican" food while dripping a stream of fryer oil that's never been changed. I'm talking nice trucks, serving good, restaurant-quality food.

San Diego has a pretty good variety of trucks - BBQ, burgers, veggie, even sushi! (Check out San Diego Food Trucks for daily updates.) Since I'm out in the 'burbs, not all the trucks make it up here, but I have had the chance to sample several.

First up: Super Q Food Truck

Nice truck, professionally painted, and clean! And check it out - they even set up tables with tablecloths.

Their website says that their BBQ has elements of North Carolina, St. Louis and Texas. They've got pulled pork, pulled chicken and brisket. Fries, potato salad, mac'n'cheese make an appearance, as does a mysterious "Vegetarian Entree: Ask for Today's Selection." (Although, I'd have to question why a vegetarian would even consider a BBQ truck.)

You can get the 'Q on a roll with just coleslaw, or you can go all-out and get a Super Q Melt. For example, the Super Q Pork Melt consists of 3-cheese mac'n'cheese, pulled pork, sauteed onions and melted cheddar on grilled sourdough.

I wasn't brave enough to try a Super Melt (as I had to go back to work after, and not pass out in a food coma), so I got the pulled pork with coleslaw.

Tender pork, just the right amount of perfectly seasoned sauce, fresh roll, crunchy coleslaw. This, my friends, was an excellent sandwich.

Stay tuned for further San Diego food truck adventures!

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Anonymous said...

the veggie burger + sweet potato fries were awesome