Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Linguine with Italian Sausage, Zucchini, Olives and Capers

Given the success of my sautéed tortellini salad, Hubby requested another pasta dish.

This time I went with linguine, some hot Italian sausage, zucchini, black and green olives, capers and tomatoes. And parmesan cheese, of course.

The recipe that follows is what I did, but I think next time I might add 2 more chopped tomatoes, at the same time the sausage is added.

Linguine with Italian Sausage, Zucchini, Olives and Capers

3/4 lb linguine
3-4 links Italian sausage
1 zucchini, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tomatoes, seeded and chopped
small handful black and green olives
2 t capers, drained
olive oil

Cook linguine. Drain, saving some of the pasta water. Parboil sausages, remove casings, and chop into bite-size pieces. In your largest skillet, fry the sausages to cook all the way through and to start getting some nice caramelization. Drain on paper towels.

Sauté the zucchini, garlic and tomatoes in the sausage fat remaining in the skillet, adding more olive oil if necessary. When the zucchini is done to your liking, the tomatoes will most likely have broken down and started to create a sauce. Add the sausage, olives, capers, some parmesan (or a lot), and salt to taste. Splash in some pasta water, enough to create as much saucy goodness as you like.

Add the cooked pasta to the skillet, and toss. Serve with more parmesan cheese.
Here's proof that children will eat this, even if they do pick out the olives.


Bob said...

Looks good! Nice shot of the kid picking at it. ;)

Vicki said...

Hey Bob - It was tasty. And if there are pork products involved, Kid will most likely be picking :)

melissa said...

Steve would pick out the olives too. :) I always discard recipes with olives for that reason. I don't know why I don't just make them and let him pick the olives out.

Vicki said...

Hi Melissa - I gave up on tailoring most things to suit my family's "needs". Let 'em pick it out!

Jo said...

Great looking recipe, have to try it out one day.

Vicki said...

Hi Jo - Thanks! I hope you like it :)