Monday, March 23, 2009

Saveur, April 2009

April's issue of Saveur didn't have too many recipes that jumped out at me. Here are the 2 I've bookmarked:
  • Puerco en Mole Negro - I love mole, but have never made my own from scratch. Time to remedy that.
  • Canlis Salad - Seasoned croutons, vinaigrette, lettuce, veggies, cheese, and, most importantly, bacon. I'm not sure about the method of cooking the bacon - simmering in water until the water evaporates, then cooking until crisp - but you never know.
However, this was meant to be a special restaurant issue. And at that, they've definitely succeeded.

Check out the book review piece, which covers The Big Fat Duck, Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin, Au Pied de Cochon: The Album, A Day at El Bulli, Alinea, Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide, On the Line, A16 Food + Wine, A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes, and Urban Italian. All of which I want. Seriously.

Then there's the 9 Signature Dishes article, showcasing, you guessed it, nine signature dishes of famous restaurants around the country. House Smoked Salmon Pizza from Spago, Chicken for Two Roasted in the Brick Oven from Zuni Cafe, to name 2.

And 12 Restaurants That Matter, including Joël Robuchon, Topolobampo, and Gramercy Tavern (I love their gingerbread). I wish I was independently wealthy so I could travel to all 12.

So, maybe I didn't bookmark a ton of recipes (which is probably a good thing anyway), but this issue is definitely drool-worthy.

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