Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wanted to bake something, but didn't want to go to the store (lazy, y'know). I raided my pantry, and found bits and pieces of a lot of things. Nuts, fruits, seeds, etc. But what stood out was the chocolate chips and the shredded coconut. Cookies? Who doesn't like cookies?

I used this recipe from Gourmet, via Epicurious. Very good. But don't overbake them like I did on the first tray.

Chocolatey, chewy, cookie-y. Even the coconut hater in the house liked them.


kirbie said...

Yum, I love chewy cookies. And I love coconut.

Vicki said...

Hey Kirbie - Then you'd definitely love these!

caninecologne said...

what a great combination! gotta buy some coconut now!

Vicki said...

Hey CC - Do! Chewy chocolatey happiness will ensue.