Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Post #82 - Poultry Parts from Jaden!

A while back, Jaden over at Steamy Kitchen offered various assorted poultry parts (and dried squid, yum) to those who asked. I immediately jumped at the chance to try something a) new and b) that would gross out my kids.

Here are my notes, unedited, typed while partaking:

(Jaden's picture)

Spicy Duck Neck:
nice ducky smell when I opened the package
soft bony bits
meat shreds
gelatinous bits congealed on the outside
not very spicy, but nicely spiced
vertebrae separated easily
spinal cord for Chula (ed: Chula's my chihuahua)
am I supposed to eat the bones? didn't.

Next up was Spicy Chicken Claws:
smells like the duck neck
looks interesting
where do I start?
umm...that was texturally unpleasant
other end same thing
comes apart easily, anatomy is cool
can't find any part that isn't cartilage-y skin stuff
(it's a foot, what did I expect?)

Sorry, Jaden, most of that one went to the dogs (you're their new favorite person).

And last but not least, Spicy Duck Giblets:
smells like the first 2
ever cut yourself on foil? ow.
just what the hell is a giblet anyway, it looks like lungs or liver or something
outside unpleasantly gelatinous
inside nicely chewy and meaty
oh god what am I eating
like the neck, not spicy, but nicely spiced
saltier than the neck
I think I like it

And as a final note, when I opened the envelope from Jaden containing my gifts, her business card fell on the table. Hubby picked it up and said "Why is a hot Asian babe sending you duck parts?"

Thanks Jaden!

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SteamyKitchen said...

LOL!!! that just made my evening!

xo, jaden