Sunday, February 10, 2008

Post #85 - Biscuits!

I had planned on making lamb chops for dinner tonight. But after making these biscuits from Everybody Likes Sandwiches, the chops get to sit in the fridge marinating overnight.

If you're frustrated with never being able to get a good biscuit out of your oven, try these. They were light, flaky, layered - everything a biscuit should be.

Biscuits + butter + raspberry-jalapeño jam = dinner.


Kevin said...

Nothing beats a nice and light and fluffy biscuit fresh from the oven! The raspberry-jalapeño jam sounds like it would go really well with fresh biscuits.

Vicki said...

It was great! I bought the jam on a day-trip to Julian, northeast of San Diego in the mountains. The manufacturer is Julian Cider Mill (maybe if I give them free publicity, they'll give me free jam ;).

white on rice couple said...

Thanks for this biscuit link! I've been making biscuits quite a bit lately , but never seem to get the flakiness that I need. Hopefully this information will be the answer that I'm looking for. Thanks for the nice read and great blog!

Vicki said...

I have no idea why these turned out so flaky, maybe the yogurt? Oh, BTW, I didn't have any whole wheat flour, so I used all AP.