Thursday, February 7, 2008

Post #84 - Why I Love My Discover Card

About a month ago, I had to buy a new laptop. When I was at the counter attempting to complete my purchase, the clerk had to call Discover to ensure that the card was valid, or something. So she's on the phone with one branch of the company, when my phone rings. It's Discover's Fraud Prevention department, calling to inquire if I am currently trying to make a relatively large purchase of electronic equipment. I said yes, and everything went well.

This afternoon I got an email from Fraud Prevention, asking to call them immediately. So I did. The very nice agent, Barb, ran through yesterday's purchases up to the current time. Everything yesterday jived. This morning started with 7-11 (hubby bought gas). No problem. Then "three charges of $60.61, about 1 minute apart, at a Walmart or a Sam's Club".

Wait just a goshdarned minute. Why would I charge $60.61 3 times? And I don't shop at Walmart or Sam's Club. I asked Barb where the store was located. She said Nashville. Umm, yeah, not me.

So the account was quickly closed, the disputed charges (for which I am not responsible) sent to Fraud Investigation, and I am to expect my new cards delivered via DHL on Saturday. That's 48 hours, people, and a weekend.

And that's why I love my Discover card.

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