Saturday, August 30, 2008

English Muffins

I made my own English muffins! They don't have the holes of a package of Thomas', and if you bought these in the store, they'd probably be labeled "slightly irregular". But they're delicious!

The dough is really sticky, so be prepared for a fight. Also, mine turned out huge(!), so I'd probably make 12 next time instead of 8. And because they were so big, they took a little longer than 6 minutes per side.

Overall, not bad for a first try. Thanks to Gretchen Noelle at Canela & Camino for the recipe!


Kitt said...

Cool! They look like real English muffins! (Mine would look like total mutants, I'm sure.)

Vicki said...

Hi Kitt -
Have you ever seen the "sandwich sized" ones in the store? These were bigger. But delicious. So...more to love, I guess :-)

Tarah at Genesis of a Cook said...

They look great! I know I wouldn't be able to make them look at great. Great job!

Vicki said...

Hi Tarah -
Thanks! They tasted great too!

Gretchen Noelle said...

Just saw this post and am very glad to know that you tried these and liked them! I need to make another batch of these sometime soon!

Vicki said...

Hi Gretchen Noelle -
Thanks for the recipe, they were delicious!