Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bacon & Egg Bread Pudding

In my travels through the ether a few days ago, I came across Bacon & Egg Bread Pudding at Kat's blog, A Good Appetite. It looked too good not to make.

-- Most people give a warning when they have a picture-heavy post, which I guess this is (at least by my blogging standards). Most of the time, those posts are laden with beautiful photographs of exotic places and the food they ate while visiting whichever exotic locale they were lucky enough to visit. However, in my case, it just means I took a lot of pictures, and they didn't all completely suck. --

Chopped bread cubes and shredded cheddar, eggs and milk with salt & pepper:

Yes, I weigh my cheese. What, you don't?

Frying bacon:

MIL's bedroom is going to smell like bacon for a week. Something about the airflow in my house doesn't work right, the poor woman's room retains everything. But hey, at least it's bacon, and not tripe.

Bread mixed with cheese, soaking in aforementioned eggs and milk:

I forgot to get a picture with the bacon mixed in, and extra cheese sprinkled on top. So just imagine the above picture mixed in...and...more cheese sprinkled on top...shut up.

Final product:

Bonus picture, bacon fat:

Mmm...bacon fat...I see home-fried potatoes in my future.

Thanks for the recipe, Kat! It completely satisfied my breakfast-for-dinner craving.


Kitt said...

Yum! That looks delicious. Kind of like a strata. Good to make for a brunch party.

Betts said...

That does look good. BTW, I love photo heavy posts. I'm a visual person I guess, so keep on clicking.

kat said...

Glad you liked it! & I weigh my cheese too! I actually weigh a lot of things when cooking these days

Vicki said...

Hi Kitt - It'd be perfect for a party, because you can fridge it overnight.

Hi Betts - I do a lot of clicking, but most of the't come out so well :)

Hi Kat - Me too! Strange thing is, I'll weigh certain things, but it's a free-for-all with others.

Sharon said...

Oh, if my room smelled like bacon, I'd be hungry all day. Love this recipe! I may make it for breakfast this weekend!

Vicki said...

Hey Sharon -
Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Jude said...

I wouldn't mind it if my room smelled like bacon for a week... Or maybe just in the mornings.

Vicki said...

Hi Jude -
I agree! Don't know why she'd complain, really :)