Sunday, October 5, 2008

Celebrity All-Occasion Cooking

I wouldn't believe these recipes existed if I hadn't read them with my own eyes.

Nancy Reagan's Onion Wine Soup
Bill Shatner's Carrot Vichyssoise
Burt Reynolds' Beef Stew
Robert and Vera Goulet's Fresh Cauliflower Soup
Roger Moore's Creamed Cheese Potatoes
Ed McMahon's Loin of Pork
Elizabeth Taylor's Chicken with Avocado and Mushrooms
Henry Winkler's Hawaiian Chicken
Johnny Mathis' Lobster with Mustard Sauce

And some from celebrities I've never heard of (I looked 'em up, give me a break, I'm not Canadian, and I was 10 when this book was published):
Barbara Ann Scott's Strawberry Mould
Bobby Hull's Swiss Steak
Brenda Vaccaro's Veal Roll
Liona Boyd's Quick Coquilles St. Jacques
Beverly Sills' Dutch Babies


Betts said...

I'm surprised most of these people cook, let alone came up with their own recipes. I love to watch the ineptness of celebs cooking on shows like Martha Stewart or the Today Show. You can tell some of them have never held a knife before.

Vicki said...

Hey Betts -
I bet "their" recipes were their favorite ones that their "help" made for them...

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

LOL that's awesome. They should have used their most famous stage names i.e. Captain Kirk's Carrot Vichysoise

Vicki said...

Hi Marc -
Yes! James Bond's Creamed Cheese Potatoes!
And I'd eat Carrot Vichyssoise if Captain Kirk made it for me :-)