Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baked Zucchini Potato Frittata

This dish was created out of the need to use one lonely zucchini in my veggie drawer, and some potatoes hiding in a cool, dark place.

1 zucchini, shredded, squeezed as dry as possible
1 russet potato, shredded
1/2 - 1 c shredded cheddar cheese
2 green onions, sliced fine
3 slices bacon, chopped
4 eggs, beaten
salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc.

Mix everything together. Season. I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, some Cavender's, and some Vegeta. Dump in a casserole dish, and bake at 375 until set, somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes, I wasn't keeping track.

You could replace the green onion with regular onion, the bacon with ham, spice it differently (maybe curry or smoked paprika), add fresh herbs, etc.

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Alecto said...

I love 'somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes, I wasn't keeping track.'

I can't tell you how many times people look at me dumbfounded because I have no idea how long I left something in the oven (until it's done, right?)

Vicki said...

Hi Alecto -
Exactly! "Until it's done", "until it smells good", "before it burns", etc. :)

valleywriter said...

Yum - this looks delish! It sounds like a great way to meld my hubby's love for bacon with my preference for something at least a little healthy (it has zucchini - it has to be good for you!).

Vicki said...

Hi valleywriter -
And the eggs have protein, the cheese has calcium, and the potato has...vitamins of some sort :)