Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Food & Wine, January 2009

I just typed 2009 for the first time, where did 2008 go? (Although I have to say I'm glad it's almost over!)

And so, what does the year's first issue of Food & Wine bring us? Lots of tasty-looking treats.

As always, let me know if you make any of the above!

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The Peanut Butter Boy said...

What's weird is that today is the first time I thought it was 2009. Not sure why but I always seem to do that automatically near the end of a year. But then once it actually becomes the next year, it takes me about 2 months to write it correctly! Go figure..

As for cooked lettuce...the only time I've had it was when I accidentally grilled a few sandwiches/wraps with lettuce in them, it was horribly disgusting. Am I missing something?

Vicki said...

Hi PBBoy -
Limp soggy lettuce is disgusting, but try grilling some halved romaine & topping w/vinaigrette and parmesan. Yum.