Friday, November 7, 2008

Back in Business

My beloved has returned!

So what's the first thing I did? Minced some garlic, of course.

Since I have the house to myself tonight (MIL's sleeping, Youngest went to LA, and Hubby's out with a friend), I made something I knew nobody else would eat. The garlic ended up in stir-fried yu choy with oyster sauce, with a scallion pancake on the side. I haven't been able to make a decent one myself yet, so it was store-bought.

And if anyone's interested, this is what scallion pancake looks like in Chinese: 葱油煎


Betts said...

The first thing I would have done was slice a tomato. I'm glad your baby is home. No more kitchen disasters. That reminds me... you should post your recipe for granola sometime.

Vicki said...

Tomato was my first choice, but I didn't have one :)

It's less of a recipe, and more of just throwing in what I have laying around. But if I can make it w/o burning it, it'll be posted.