Thursday, November 6, 2008


My Youngest is obsessed with everything Japanese.

She has a Naruto outfit, and Naruto posters on her walls. She lives on ramen. She passed BBC Languages A Touch of Japanese quiz. She's got a ton of anime books. She collects empty boxes of Japanese candy.

Here's her "Asian Box":

Yes, folks, she has a special box, just for her Asian candy. The contents rotate more often than they probably should.


Kitt said...

That's cute! I like the Japanese fruit gums. They're probably not as fattening as Pocky.

Candy aside, that's not a bad obsession to have. And learning Japanese can be handy later.

Betts said...

That's a pretty cool obsession. Where do you buy Japanese candy?

kat said...

& you live in the perfect place for getting all that Asian candy too. I love heading to all the Japanese stores when I go back to the bay area

Vicki said...

Hi Kitt - I'm hoping she becomes fluent and ends up becoming some sort of international business superstar :)

Hi Betts & Kat - There are so many Asian markets in San Diego, it's a little overwhelming sometimes. I've even seen Pocky in "regular" grocery stores!