Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fried Bananas

This is the 2nd dish of my self-imposed challenge. After perusing The Asian Cookbook, this is the only recipe that I wanted to make. (Hubby must have been right, this book is "just taking up space".)

Super-easy, you make a batter of flour, egg, salt, sugar and milk, dip sliced bananas in the batter, and deep fry (I used peanut oil).

Not bad. But if I'm going deep-fried, it has to be something spectacular (like ice cream or stuffed chilies), not just "not bad".

I used up the leftover batter to fry a couple slices of eggplant, and one mini-carrot, because Youngest said she wanted to try a deep-fried carrot.

The batter recipe is pretty good, a little sweet, a little eggy, suited better for bananas than for eggplant, I think. It might work with zucchini or yellow squash, but probably not with plantains, unless they're really ripe, because the batter browns pretty quickly.

Moral of the story: sometimes your husband is right - your cookbooks are just taking up space.

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