Monday, April 14, 2008

Posting Doldrums

I feel like reverting to the format of my first few posts, e.g.:

Reading: Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice
Eating: Fried Rice (again)
Watching: Nothing, the TV's broken (which is kind of a good thing, except for movies)

I could blame the lack of a camera, 'cause lets face it, the cell phone just doesn't cut it, and it's not worth the $15 a month to be able to email photos to myself.

I could blame my work situation, 'cause one of my employees is having personal issues, and the other has some weird medical problem that not even Harvard Medical School can figure out. So I end up having to do the job of 2.5 people and by the time I make it home, I'm too exhausted to cook something interesting.

But then I sit back and think - out of the almost 7 billion people on the planet, how many of them have a digital camera? How many have an HDTV and can rent movies whenever they want? How many of them even have the option of cooking something interesting if they want to?

And as for family issues, of course I have them. But my daughter's not pregnant. And I love my husband and he loves me.

And I don't have a possibly life-threatening disease that doctors can't diagnose.

I have this:

And this:

So what the hell am I complaining about?

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