Thursday, April 17, 2008

Torta di Frittate from The Silver Spoon

Since The Silver Spoon has over 2000 recipes, I decided to narrow it down by only considering recipes with an accompanying picture, which effectively cut the behemoth down to something more manageable, maybe about 150 recipes.

Easter Leg of Kid looked scrumptious, but where the hell am I going to find the leg of a goat? Ditto for the cotechino in Cotechino with Lentils.

And Veneto-Style Liver? I don't think so. (I am so grateful that pictures were all but absent in the lungs-heart-kidney-tripe chapter. Ick.)

Ricotta and Spinach Crepes looked good, as did the Belgian Endive with Prague Ham. Tomato Fritters (stuffed with mozzarella, basil and anchovies, then batter-dipped and deep-fried) looked absolutely amazing, but will have to wait until tomatoes are in season.

But it was the Torta di Frittate, or Frittata Cake, that not only caught my eye, but wormed its way into my brain so that I was barely able to restrain myself from going to the grocery store at midnight. With eggplant and bell pepper separated by layers of eggy cheesy goodness (fontina!), how could this not be delicious?

The verdict? It was delicious. Hubby loved it. Oldest, who hates eggplant and doesn't like eggs, said "that's pretty freakin' good". Youngest said she'd try it. I asked her if she liked roasted eggplant and peppers, and she said "probably not, but I'll still try it". (That made up for the microwave quesadilla.) Her response: "Pretty good." Not good enough for her to have a whole piece, she went for leftover beans and cheese, but I'm satisfied.

One thing, though, this is an awfully fussy recipe. Broil the eggplant. Roast the peppers, then peel and de-seed and cut in strips. Make three 2-egg frittatas with parmesan and parsley, still soft on top, which were as thin as crepes and extremely difficult to handle when assembling the dish. Layer everything, then bake for 10 minutes.

But I like fussy fiddly recipes. And I'm happy that my first dish of my self-imposed challenge turned out so well.


Anonymous said...
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Kitt said...

Bravo! Looks great. I think sometimes it's good to go through a fussy recipe and then think about all the ways it might be possible to cut down on the fussiness next time, once you know how it's supposed to turn out.

Vicki said...

Hi Kitt -
You're right - recipe said broil the eggplant then roast the peppers at 400. Why not broil everything together?

Kevin said...

That torta does sound good! With roasted peppers and eggplant it has to be tasty!

Vicki said...

Hi Kevin -
It was! The general opinion of everyone in the house was that it turned out way better than expected.