Sunday, April 27, 2008

Simple Baked Bass with Rice and Salad

Tonight's dinner:
Baked baquetta bass
Jasmine rice with furikake
Cucumber salad

Hubby picked up beautiful fillet of baquetta bass, so I seasoned it with s&p, paprika and garlic powder, placed it in a baking dish with a film of olive oil and a little butter, covered the dish tightly with foil, and baked. I think it was about 30 minutes to get the thickest part cooked, with the thinner side pieces removed as they were done.

As a sauce for the fish, I finely minced some garlic, and sautéed it over low heat in a little butter, sprinkled in some lemon juice, then drained off the liquid from the garlic.

Sides were my standard cucumber-chili-lemon salad, and white rice with soy sauce and nameshi furikake. I picked up the furikake from Owajimaya on my trip to Seattle. It contains "green vegetable", sugar, msg, miso, kelp extract and bonito powder. Green vegetable is further defined on the package as hiroshima nappa, kyoto nappa and radish leaves. I'm guessing that the first 2 ingredients are cabbage from Hiroshima and Kyoto, but I could be wrong, since I'm going from the English over-label on the package. I think I need to take it to work with me and ask my Japanese co-worker to translate. Bottom line, whatever's in it, it was a welcome addition to plain rice.

Overall, I'm not complaining. The fish was meaty and moist, the salad was good as always, and the furikake rice was a good carb-side.

However, I'm not sure the 3 dishes complemented each other too well - the fish was "American", for lack of a better description, the rice had Asian overtones (obviously), and the salad was Mexican. Call me the queen of fumbled fusion.


Kitt said...

Suddenly furikake is everywhere! I just picked some up yesterday to try.

Vicki said...

I know! First I saw it on Jaden's blog, then the series on Just Bento on how to make your own. I couldn't resist picking some up.

Kitt said...

That's where I saw it, too! "Furrrrr-ee-kokkkkkkyyyyy -- if you say that 10 times fast. you might fart."

That sort of thing sticks with you.