Friday, April 25, 2008

Pomegranate Urfa Biber Brownies

Ever since I came across this post on Habeas Brulee for Raspberry Pomegranate Urfa-Biber Brownies, I've been dying to make them. I finally got some urfa-biber from World Spice Merchants, and already had the pomegranate molasses. I was still missing the raspberry liquor, and Hubby picked up unsweetened instead of bittersweet chocolate, but I simply couldn't wait any longer.

You start by melting the chocolate and butter with the sugar in a double boiler. Here's a tip - if your glass bowl isn't Pyrex, DO NOT USE IT for a double boiler. I discovered this when I heard the ominous --crack-- from the vicinity of the stovetop. After quickly and messily transferring the melted goo to a stainless steel bowl, things progressed smoothly.

Until it was time to taste. Umm...I don't think you should try to substitute unsweetened chocolate for bittersweet. My brownies were intensely over-cocoa'd. So intensely that I had to throw them out. However, I'm definitely going to try them again (with the right chocolate!), because the pomegranate and chili really went well with the chocolate.


Kitt said...

Ouch! Well at least you can see some potential there!

I just got some pomegranate molasses yesterday, but I've never heard of urfa-biber. Off to Google.

Vicki said...

Hi Kitt - if you can't find urfa-biber, I think Aleppo would be a good substitute. They both have that smoky back-of-the-throat heat.