Saturday, July 12, 2008


MIL made tostadas last night. We make these all the time, but for some reason, hers are better.

Brown some ground beef and onions, seasoned with garlic powder and salt.

Open a can of refried beans, add some butter, milk and chili powder, and heat up.

Shred lettuce and cheese, chop tomatoes and green onions. I usually also have chopped black olives and cilantro.

Fry some corn tortillas in oil.

Assemble your tostada - spread on some beans, then some meat, some cheese, and veggies of your choice. Top with your favorite hot sauce. Eat. Repeat.


MrOrph said...

Those look great! How do you eat them? Like a small pizza?

You'd think I'd know, I lived in LA for two years!

Vicki said...

Hi MrOrph!
Yup, like a small pizza. The trick is to fry the tortillas only until they're almost completely crunchy, but still with a few soft spots, that way they don't fall apart all over your plate. But even if they do...grab a fork!