Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Potatoes!

Remember my post from way back when about the sprouting monsters in my cabinet? OK, probably not, but...

I planted a potato sprout. The greens grew to about a foot high, then started dying. I pulled the plant out of the dirt today, and look what I got!

That dish is 3.5" across, which puts the babiest baby at 1/2" at its longest.

What should I do with them? I'm thinking roasting with just olive oil and salt, so I can get a full appreciation of what they really taste like.

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Wandering Chopsticks said...

Cool! I've been waiting to see your results. My potato greens are about a foot tall and I got impatient and dug around one to see if it grew into a whole potato. Instead, I just found my quartered potato with lots of roots. :P I guess I'll wait until my greens die off before digging them up.

Vicki said...

Hey WC -
I'm so excited to try this for real next year, doing the whole "mounding dirt" thing. Wish I could offer you advice on yours, but I'm not qualified :-)

MrOrph said...

Roasting them in duck fat is my vote!

Vicki said...

Mr. Orph - I love you. Now I just gotta find a duck.