Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Barbecue

Hubby informed me yesterday morning that he wanted to do a Southern barbecue for Labor Day. Who am I to argue?

Hubby learned barbecue from his friend James, who spent a good chunk of his life in North Carolina. The barbecue sauce consists of a sweetish tangy bottled sauce, apple cider vinegar, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, hot pepper flakes. E&J Brandy or Jack Daniels is a nice addition. He mixes up a large batch in my roasting pan, and brings it to a simmer on the stove.

While that's simmering, he tosses the various meats in a little apple cider vinegar, and lights the coals. Various meats = chicken (any part), steak (boneless, usually tri-tip), pork ribs cut in 2-3 rib sections, and hot links. When the fire goes out on the coals, grilling starts. A nice char is the goal, with the meat almost cooked through. When each piece has a good amount of blackening, it goes into the simmering sauce. The whole pot simmers on very low for about an hour, with water added to thin it if necessary.

The result is an incredibly tasty falling-off-the bone protein-fest. Served with grilled corn and cole slaw.


kat said...

that is one heck of a bbq!

Vicki said...

Hi Kat -
Sure was, and plenty of better-the-2nd-day leftovers!

Michelle said...

This looks like my kind of food. Think I'm going to borrow a couple of these ideas, love the apple cider vinegar marindae.

Vicki said...

Hi Michelle -
Borrow all you want, you won't be disappointed! Word of advice from the friend that taught us, only marinate as long as it takes the coals to burn down. He never told us why, but he never steered us wrong :)

noble pig said...

Drool, I wish my hubby would suggest something like that! Looks like an awesome spread!

Vicki said...

Hi NP -
The best part is that he cooked. All I did was "supervise".