Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Refrigerator Disaster

So Somebody in my household (I'm not naming any names) thought it would be a good idea to..er..borrow a soy sauce pourer from a local restaurant.

It lived in the fridge for a couple weeks with no adverse effects. But tonight the fridge became somewhat overcrowded with styrofoam containers full of yummy leftover chicken, rice and beans. And numerous little plastic containers of salsa. So Somebody shoved the sytrofoam container in, forcing the other fridge-residents to move aside. Including said soy sauce pourer. Which tipped over.

But Somebody didn't see it tip over. I discovered the mess while feeding the dogs.

So my fridge got a thorough cleaning. And I mean thorough. Like pull the fridge away from the wall so you can remove the lower two drawers because the stupid door doesn't open far enough type of thorough.

And my house smells like soy sauce.

Reminds me of something I heard once...Thou shalt not borrow soy sauce pourers with no intention of returning them steal. :-)


Betts said...

Uh yuck! I have the same door problem as you do, but I have a worse experience. We went to Europe for 2 weeks one summer, and my husband thought it would be a good idea to turn the power off while we were gone forgetting that the fridge and deep freezer uses power. (He's usually not so daft.) As soon as I walked in the house, I smelled it. I thought I forgot to take the compost out, but I soon realize that my fridge and freezer were now giant compost bins. Not exactly what you want to face while suffering from jetlag, but it's a great story to tell to the grandkids someday.

Vicki said...

Hi Betts -
Wow, I was lucky compared to you! But now you have ammo for the next time you do something dumb, you can say "yeah but at least I didn't turn the power off". :-)

tigerfish said...

oops, i hope u dun get afraid of the smell of soy sauce when you eat something with soy sauce in future!
I know, it sucks!

Vicki said...

Hey Tigerfish -
I sure hope not! It's definitely better than the time Hubby..er..Somebody broke a bottle of balsamic vinegar...