Monday, September 22, 2008

Sandwich. Not much Else.

To prove that there's still food preparation and consumption happening in the WIP household, I present to you, my dinner:

Homemade focaccia, loosely based on a King Arthur Flour recipe. (Loosely because I used Pillsbury AP flour, no add-ins or -ons except for garlic powder, and a sprinkling of dried basil and Trapani sea salt on top. And I mixed the dough by hand instead of beating the crap out of it on high speed with an electric mixer. Oh, and active dry yeast instead of instant, because I have yet to find instant yeast anywhere, or even figure out what the difference is.)

Sorry, back to the sandwich:
Hillshire Farms Ultra Thin Smoked Ham (classy, no?), sliced peperoncini, a slice of provolone, and the last of the Trader Joe's Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce. Nuked for 10 seconds per side.

Yeah, I nuked a sandwich. Even after berating Youngest for nuking a quesadilla.

At least I took a picture.

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