Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Food & Wine, February 2009

Not too many recipes jumped out at me from February's Food & Wine:

The issue was saved for me by some good reading:
  • Is Wine in Half-Bottles Fully Worth It? - Lettie Teague writes about her half-bottle experiences.
  • Argentina's Best Reds for $10 to $20 - I love Argentinian reds, now I have a list of new ones to try.
  • Dinner with a Deity, Master Chef Michel Bras - a culinary god cooks dinner in a Manhattan apartment.


Betts said...

Yes, I'll have the lamb kebobs. Oh, this isn't a menu? Darn!

Vicki said...

Hi Betts - If I ever open a restaurant, the kebobs will be on the menu, and you can be my 1st customer!