Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Post #56 - Cauliflower & Chard Gratin

I've decided to make a concerted effort to try some of the many recipes I've bookmarked from other blogs.

Here's one, and what a winner it is!

You can find the recipe at The Expatriate's Kitchen. My modifications were to use all milk instead of cream, and instead of Grana Padano in the sauce and Parmesan on top, I used a mix of mostly Parmesan and some Gruyere, both in the sauce and on top.

My youngest said that I took two of the things she hates most (cauliflower and leeks) and made them taste good. She had two servings. High praise, indeed.


The Expatriate Chef said...

Glad your little one liked it! You can also make it with broccoli. My kiddo will eat four servings of that version. Cool,huh? Thanks for the link.

Vicki said...

Broccoli's next - little one (around mouthfuls) said "You should make this with broccoli too." Smart kid.