Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Post #65 - Spam Fried Rice!

Jaden over at Steamy Kitchen reminded me of Spam's existence a couple weeks ago. Rather than be the object of everyone's ridicule at my normal grocery store, I donned dark glasses and a trench coat, and drove across town where no one knows me, and purchased a can of Spam.

In my defense, it was the less-calorie, less-fat version, so that means there's less overall Spam in it, right?

Anyway - Spam Fried Rice:

leftover cooked rice
frozen peas
julienned carrots
dried hot chili pepper
sliced green onion
ginger (powdered this time, meh)
soy sauce

Cook and crumble bacon. Dice Spam, and dry-fry in a skillet. Make an omelet and chop it up.

Heat canola oil in a wok, add in your carrots, fry a bit, then your green onion, bacon, Spam and dried chili. Mix it around, add ginger & some soy sauce. Let it sit for a bit to crisp up the rice, toss it around. Repeat the sitting and tossing a few times. Add some more soy, dump in your peas, and toss. Taste. Done? Then add the egg, mix, and serve with sriracha.

Oh, and don't eat the dried chili. Unless you like the feeling that you're going to die.


KirkK said...

He-he-he....you forgot the kimchi!

Vicki said...

Good idea! Now to find good kimchi in San Diego...