Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Post #73 - Most Pointless Post Ever

Dinner tonight:

Mollie Katzen's parmesan-crusted zucchini, via Serious Eats (we each had one half of a zucchini, recipe has been moved to keeper file)

quesadilla made with smoked turkey and feta cheese, dipped in El Pato hot sauce (hubby's creation, yum)

chocolate chip cookies made from store-bought dough (youngest's contribution)

grilled cheese (Kraft on sourdough) and a Cup o'Noodles (oldest's meal)

ham & cheese Hot Pocket (for me, I had a craving, I'm sorry)

I could have made mmm-yoso's chicken karaage (thanks for the link!) or Closet Cooking's ham and sauerkraut pierogi, or Desert Candy's fish in Persian sweet and sour sauce.

But I didn't.


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