Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Post #74 - I Need a New Cutting Board

My beautiful bamboo cutting board has a crack in it. It's slowly splitting between two layers, and I don't want to use it any more for fear of nasty bits growing and fermenting in the split.

I love bamboo, but I've heard end-grain maple is good too. But maybe this beautiful end-grain bamboo?

Anybody have any suggestions?


Ben said...

I need a cutting board, too. I will watching any suggestions your readers leave here. Hehehe. What do you recommend?

Vicki said...

I really don't know what to recommend - bamboo is harder than maple, so it may dull your knives faster, but that's only my theory. All I know is that I love plastic for meat (replaced regularly when the knife cuts start showing), and wood for non-meat, treated with mineral oil every now and then. I've never had an end-grain board before, I think that may be my next experiment.